Lotus-badged EMAS Global Small Car

of Lotus-badged EMAS global small carProton EMAS concept now changed with Lotus badged. This new car will aim for different market from original Proton EMAS with different power train combinations although they are still sharing the production platform in order to save the cost. From the information we got, , the Lotus Global Small Car will be positioned at a premium, with a shorter wheelbase and a three-door hatch body compared to the Proton badged version. The new power trains may include the plug-in EV or series hybrid with range extender (just like Lotus Omnivore) or maybe a turbocharged small engine of around 1.2 liters of capacity or lower. And the Benchmark models for this car are vehicles like the MINI EV or the electric Smart.

The new image of Lotus-badged version EMAS was just unveiled this week. From the photo we can see that it is designed based 5-door Proton EMAS but revised as we seen during the one first shown in Geneva 2010 and later at the Proton 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner. Furthermore, the front design looks sharper and sportier, with the headlamps angled upwards.

Proton is looking at installing a small and fuel efficient engine to go with this car, and they are also exploring diesel options for the Indian market.

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