Opel Adam is Little but Strong City Car

Opel Adam is beautiful and modern as well as different than other cars. This model is answer to little prestige cars like Fiat 500, Mini Morris and Citroen DS3. Adam price is around 1500$, that is not cheap, but this car is giving so much for this money. As default Adam gives many things like ESP. He is only 370cm long so it is really identical to the popular Mini. And by this size it is great car for the city.

Opel Adam design is just unique. Not only it takes all the intention with his scientific design but you can customize your own Adam with almost unlimited customization options. You can choose exterior colors, change wheel designs and change almost everything inside the car. You can as well use more than one color and create a personal ambient inside and outside...

Is the Future of Motoring Driverless?

driveless carIn the 1939 New York World Fair, theatrical designer Norman Bel Geddes presented his vision of the future. It was an exhibition called ‘Futurama’ and showed New York roads populated with electric driverless vehicles.

Ever since this prophecy was presented to the world, driverless vehicles have been a regular feature in science fiction films and television shows. However, it now finally looks like they are close to becoming a reality.

Google have famously been working on a driverless vehicle since 2005, completing over 140,000 miles of testing on public road without incident. The only accident the car has been involved in was when it was crashed into from behind by another motorist at traffic lights.

The company is planning on putting this technology on sale by 2018 at the latest. However, by this point it will have been beaten to market by at least...

Cost of Motoring over a Lifetime

Cost of Motoring over a LifetimeThe average British motorist spends over £200,000 over their life time on car running costs according to new research by MoneySupermarket. This takes account of costs such as fuel, car insurance and breakdown cover, but does not factor in the cost of actually buying cars.

It should be noted that this is calculated based on running costs being at their current levels, but it is still a staggering statistic.
Perhaps unsurprisingly fuel costs are the largest expense which is absorbed by motorists, a problem which is only going to get worse in the coming years until electric or hydrogen vehicles become a more practical proposition. At current levels, fuel makes up over 50% of the £200,000 total.

The next biggest expense which is faced by motorists is car insurance, with the average male motorist spending £31,155 on this over...

Eurovision Car Competition 2013

Eurovision The Eurovision song contest will take place once again on the 18th May from Sweden; with the 12 countries which made it to the final battling it out for the right to win the annual singing competition. But why should a country be judged solely on its singing abilities?
MoneySupermarket has therefore set up the 2013 Eurovision Car Competition, having picked 12 cars which best represent the country’s which are in the final.
Representing the UK is the classic Jaguar E-Type which was a style icon of the 1960s and helped to establish Jaguar as a major player in the sports car industry. The company has only recently launched the F-Type, which is a successor to the E-Type. However, it has quite a lot to live up to if it is going to get anywhere near the success of its predecessor.


Cars of the Future

robocarMore and more cars are being built equipped with the very latest in technology and safety; from built-in state-of-the-art entertainment systems to automated and assisted brakes… but what does the future hold for our road-bound vehicles?

Communicating cars

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication is a technology currently in development – and is a way we could avoid accidents in the future.

Imagine your car is approaching a junction when a car skips a red light. This car could then send a signal to your car telling you it’s directly in your path, thus helping you avoid an accident. From there, your car could even use assisted braking to help you stop sooner.

The technology is designed to operate wirelessly, sending regular signals between cars about their speed, direction and location. This information is then used to create a ‘safe zone’ around the cars, into which other cars cannot enter.


What Would Happen if Every Car Was Electric?

We are regularly being told about how much damage we are causing to the environment by driving around in our cars. This has led to governments around the world introducing incentives to encourage green car adoption.

Electric CarThis is very much the case in the UK, where the British Government offers tax breaks to electric car owners in a variety of different forms. Price comparison website MoneySupermarket has therefore calculated just how much it would cost the British government if every motorist suddenly ditched their current vehicles in favour of an electric car.

The answer is £24 billion per year; a significant amount which would surely force the UK government to make changes to the way that motorists were taxed. The most significant loss would be from fuel duty, which made up approximately 80% of this total. The rest is made up of lost...

Skoda Octavia Scout not quite right for you? Try the Superb Outdoor!

Having driven a Skoda Superb estate (or ‘Combi’, as they tend to call them) for a week earlier this year, I can vouch that I really did think it lived up to its name. Okay, the badge may lack the cachet associated with Volkswagen or Audi, but the build quality of the Skoda Superb seemed spot-on, perfect for non-badge-snobs who want a bit of reliable luxury.

The thing is, taking a Skoda Superb estate off-road isn’t such a good idea, as it’s just based on a typical saloon car with two-wheel-drive and no chunky bumpers to stave off any knocks it might receive. So for Skoda buyers wanting to venture off the beaten track, the two choices have always been the smaller Yeti, which in 4×4 guise does a pretty good job off road (I had one of them for a week...